Post Event Newsletter

7:30am: Registration opens (OUTSIDE SALES ARENA)

Plenary session (SALES ARENA)

8:30am: Emcee Intro – Mr Bradley Warner
8:45am: Welcome to Country – Uncle Malcolm Maccoll
8:50am: Opening Address – Mr Sam Haddad

Keynote speakers (SALES ARENA)

9:00am: Professor Iain McGregor, The Lambert Institute, The University of Sydney – Medicinal Cannabis in Australia: Current Status and Future Potential
9:30am: Professor Paul Glare, Pain Management Research Institute, The University of Sydney – Psychosocial Dimensions of Pain in Cancer Survivors

9:50am: Morning Tea (THE BIG BARN)

Keynote speaker (SALES ARENA)

10:20am: Professor Meera Agar, The University of Technology Sydney – ‘I wish I could eat’. Cannabinoid Clinical Trials in Palliative Care

Panel session (SALES ARENA)

10:40am: Cannabis and Pain Management – Facilitated by Professor Afaf Girgis AM

Secretary Address (SALES ARENA)

11:00am: Ms Elizabeth Koff, NSW Health

11:15am: Concurrent Sessions & Workshops

Concurrent Sessions

Session 1: Allied Health – Chair: Ms Sue Colley (Garden Pavilion)

Session 2: Mental Health – Chair: Dr Claire Jones (Grand Armee)

Session 3: Discovery Research and Innovation – Chair: Professor Connie Katelaris (Sales Arena)


Workshop: Your Research Career – where’s it heading and what’s your role in it? – Facilitator: Ms Cecilia Stenstrom (Pavilion B)

12:45pm: Lunch Break (THE BIG BARN)

1:45pm: Presentations from SWSLHD Academic Units (SALES ARENA) - Chair: Ms Sonia Marshall

A/Professor Lois Holloway – SWS Academic Radiation Oncology

Dr Freya MacMillan – Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Translational Research Unit

Dr Alan McDougall – Stroke and Neurology Research Unit

A/Professor Miriam Levy – Liver Cancer and Disease Centre

2:30pm: Concurrent Sessions & Workshops

Concurrent Sessions

Session 4: Cancer – Chair: Scientia Professor Michael Barton OAM (Garden Pavilion)
Session 5: Drug and Alcohol – Chair: Ms Stephanie Hocking (Grand Armee)
Session 6: Nursing and Midwifery – Chair: A/Professor Bronwyn Everett (Sales Arena)


Workshop: What’s the benefit and how do I use social media to build and maintain my research profile – Facilitators: Professor Afaf Girgis (Pavilion B)

DAY 2 - THURSDAY 6th June 2019
7:30am: Registration opens (OUTSIDE SALES ARENA)

Plenary session (SALES ARENA)

8:30am: Emcee Intro – Mr Darryl Harkness

8:40am: Welcome address – Mr Terry Goldacre

Keynote speakers (SALES ARENA)

8:50am: Ms Lucy Brogden, National Mental health Commission – A polis: Co-design, Creativity and Co-operation to Ensure Wellbeing.

9:10am: Professor Evelyne de Leeuw, Centre for Health Equity Training Research & Evaluation (CHETRE) – Building Healthy Airports of the Future

9:25am: Morning tea (THE BIG BARN)

Keynote speaker (SALES ARENA)

9:55am: Professor Donald McNeill, University of Western Sydney – Health Innovation Precincts: Publics, Technologies and Cities

10:10am: Ms Jana PittmanHealth, Sports and the Environment

10:30am: Concurrent Sessions & Workshops

Concurrent Sessions

Session 1: Community, Child and Family Health – Chair: Dr Andrew Knight (Garden Pavilion)

Session 2: Arts and Design in Health – Chair: Ms Dianne McClaughlin (Grand Armee)
Session 3: Population Health – Chair: Professor Bin Jalaludin (Sales Arena)

Workshop: Building collaborations and maintaining wellbeing as a researcher – Facilitator: Dr Freya MacMillan and Dr Kate McBride (Pavilion B)

12:00pm: Lunch Break (THE BIG BARN)

1:00pm: Keynote speaker (SALES ARENA)

Dr Alice MotionBreaking good: Making Medicines with Young People.

1:15pm: School Program (SALES ARENA)

Education and Innovation for the Future – Chair: Dr Alice Motion

2:00pm: Presentations from 2018 Innovation Tank participants: (SALES ARENA)

Professor Afaf Girgis – The next-generation PROMPT-Care app for mobile phones and tablet computers

Dr Nicole Caixeiro – Development of electronic media to provide informed consent to participants approached to participate in research

2:15pm: Chief Executive Address (SALES ARENA)

2:30pm: Concurrent Sessions & Workshops

Concurrent Sessions

Session 4: Consumer and Community Participation- Chair: Ms Lynda Johnston (Garden Pavilion)
Session 5: Injury, Rehabilitation and Prevention – Chair: Dr Valerie Malka (Grand Armee)
Session 6: Health Services Research – Chair: Mr Peter Rophail (Sales Arena)

Workshop: The healthy habits of a successful grant writer – Facilitator: Johanna Barclay (Pavilion B)